How we increased traffic by 303% for Acre

Case Study


The client's US site gained an impressive 303% increase in impressions in December!
The client's US site improved even more with a 74% increase in clicks!
In a year-on-year comparison, our client's UK site gained 65% more impressions!
Compared to August - December last year, our client's UK site gained 29% more clicks!

About the client

Acre is the global market leader in sustainability search, recruitment and talent development. Since 2003, they’ve been connecting talented candidates who have the ability to make an impact with progressive organisations to drive sustainable change.

Problem Statement

Acre aimed to increase their online rankings, particularly for the niche sustainability recruitment keywords within the UK market.


What did we do to achieve these increases?
Ensured that Acre is top ranking for keywords like “environmental recruitment”
Created audience-tailored onpage recommendations in target languages - German, Dutch and French
Continued to increase market share
Worked on building a strong user experience and greater trust in website visitors
Continuously improved the website for mobile-first approach and keeping up with the key technical SEO trends

UK: Traffic change

  • Total clicks on Acre’s UK site increased from 16.3K to 28K, a 72% increase! Total impressions on Acre’s UK site increased from a 314K to 582K, which is a massive increase of 85%!

US: Traffic change

  • Acre’s US site has improved even more than its UK counterpart in the same time period in a year-on-year comparison!
  • Total clicks on Acre’s US site increased from 3.15K to 7.08K, a 125% increase! Total impressions on Acre’s US site increased from a 152K to 441K, which is a massive increase of 190%!

Acre UK: average position

  • From 1st September - 1st December, Acre’s UK site’s average position for those keywords that had improved in the top 100 now is 11.10, improving from September’s reading by over 12 places!

Acre US: average position

  • From 1st September to 1st December, average position of top 3 keywords on Acre’s US site rose substantially to 71.35% (by 10.22 places)!
  • This means that Acre is more  likely to be ranking higher on Google than it was previously!

Acre UK: specific keyword wins in a year-on-year comparison

Throughout the past year,
Acre UK's keywords have really improved, most notably with “corporate social responsibility recruiters” rising 6 positions up to ranking 1st on Google!
How we increased impressions by 303% for Acre
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