How we increased traffic by 207% for Motorway

Case Study


organic traffic* increase
in 6 months (with 87% increase in enquiries)
increase over 12 months
* (non-branded)
** yes that’s not a typo, organic, non-brand traffic went from 8,000 monthly visits to 108,000 within 12 months.
  • The comparison site to sell your car in UK
  • Unique 'TruePrice' approach to make the marketplace fairer towards customers
  • Challenger brand with £11m in series A funding, great tv, radio and tube ads
  • Experienced and innovative team, with great leadership and a strong marketing team.

Key SEO aims

  • Achieve higher visibility, more traffic and conversions from Organic search
  • Appear for key lower funnel searches, as well as capture interest at the early stages of the car sale journey
  • Challenge the well established players (, in the market for very competitive, high traffic search terms.


What did we do to achieve these increases?
Identified leading topics related to automotive industry in UK
Built out market leading guides to cover each stage as well as possible
Continuously improved the website for mobile-first approach and keeping up with the key technical SEO trends.

Traffic change

Non-branded visits over the last 16 months.

207% organic (generic, non-branded) traffic increase in 6 months (with 87% increase in enquiries).

1,250% increase over 12 months.

Keyword Rankings

  • From 14k keywords in April to 29k in November
  • Number of keywords with top ten positions rising 300% from 2k in April to 6k in November

Increase in Leads

  • 61.16% increase in leads generated from organic traffic to guides alone: April vs October
  • 212% increase Year on Year
How we increased traffic by 207% for Motorway
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