Krystian Szastok, Managing Director and Founder.

Krystian has worked in UK SEO industry for 15 + years for leading agencies in the UK. He spoke at multiple conferences and has delivered SEO campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, achieved 200-1,000% increases in visits and annual revenue for multiple businesses in the past (prominent clients include EDF Energy, Myprotein and Motorway.co.uk)

We are a team - passionate about digital space and planet.

Alistair Knight

SEO Manager

"SEO orchestrates the symphony of visibility that drives business growth."
“With each ethical stride today, we lay the foundation for a thriving tomorrow.”

Joel Shelley

Senior SEO Consultant

“SEO is about problem solving and adapting in an ever-changing online environment.”
“Focusing on sustainability shapes our approach to work, relationships with clients, and the steps we are taking to improve and grow our business.”

Business Operations Manager

“The transformative nature of the business never makes it boring.”
“I’m here for the ethical aspect of our work: making a positive impact in the digital space.”
Jake Woolley

Jake Wooley

SEO Copywriter

"SEO is a scientific framework for producing emotive results."
“A desire for a sustainable future unites us a team.”

Filip Janusz

SEO Executive

“In the concert of the web, SEO is the headliner.”
“As a team, we've embraced sustainability as our business compass, guiding us toward ethical practices and responsible growth.”

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