SEO for Law Firms

Reach More Clients With SEO For Law Firms

The internet has been an incredible tool for the democratisation of the legal industry.

More and more solicitors are setting up their own firms and forging their own path - but it’s never that simple.
A constantly increasing number of competitors has made it harder than ever to get new clients to your law firm.
The answer? Search Engine Optimisation.

Our SEO services for law firms, will optimise your website and expose your services to a huge audience - whether you’re looking to expand locally or find clients from all over the world.

Our Approach To Law Firm SEO Success

As an SEO company specialising in working with law firms, we've honed a successful strategy for achieving top Google rankings.

We combine diverse tools with years of experience to offer a criminally effective law firm SEO service.

Our only objective is optimising your site for search engines and delivering the results that matter - increased traffic and conversions.

Here are some of the strategies we can employ to elevate your law firm to the top of Google's search results:

A Full Audit Of Your Law Firm’s Website

Like any good solicitor, we start our SEO process with intense research.

This means a full audit of your firm’s website, identifying problems that could be standing in the way of your site ranking at the top of Google search results.

This is the most important step of the process, and our team of SEO experts will leave no stone unturned when it comes to understanding what is holding your site back.

We look at both on page and off page optimisation, as well as keyword density and even review the technical code of your site to ensure it is operating efficiently.

Implementing A Law Firm SEO Campaign For Solicitors

After gaining an understanding of why your website isn’t ranking as highly as it should be, the team will formulate a plan of attack.

Implementing improvements and changes that will help your website get more useful traffic and clients in waiting rooms.

This can involve implementing SEO optimised blog posts, perfecting the formatting, and targeting keywords for your local area.

Constantly Examining The Data

Another key part of the law firm SEO services we provide is the constant re-examination and evaluation of your website.

By looking at the data every week, we can grasp exactly what is causing a decline in your website’s traffic, and can then provide and implement solutions to any findings we make along the way.

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We are committed to delivering outstanding SEO results for your law firm business. Trust us to employ our expertise and drive even more interested customers to your website.

Book a free consultation call today, and we can promise results in just one month.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, SEO is valuable for law firms. It enhances visibility, targets potential clients effectively, and improves website rankings on search engines.

SEO helps to connect firms with individuals searching for legal services in their area, thereby boosting the potential for increased consultations and cases.
SEO is incredibly effective, but rarely a linear, one size fits all marketing strategy.

The time it takes to see results will depend on a number of variables, but RobotZebra is very happy to promise results within just one month.

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