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Understand And Utilise SEO With SEO Training in London

Are you trying to get more traffic and conversions on your website but don’t know where to start? Our SEO training online course is perfect for SEO newbies, amateurs and even experienced professionals.

The course is designed and run by our founder and SEO lead, Krystian Szastok.

Krystian has delivered SEO campaigns for huge Fortune 500 companies, and with this wealth of SEO knowledge and hands-on experience, he can provide value and guidance to anyone looking to improve their practical understanding of SEO.

Learn SEO online with an SEO training course for all experience levels. Or, book an in-person session or workshop in London.

Why You Should Take Our Online SEO Course

Since the pandemic, the number of online purchases has been increasing.

A recent statistic states that over 80% of the UK's population has made an online purchase in the last year.

It is clearer than ever just how vital it is to get your product in front of people online.

But, with a vast ocean of competition out there, the only way you can do that is with a strategic SEO plan or expert know-how.

In years past, business owners could get away with knowing just the basics of SEO, but as companies around the globe implement SEO strategies, a more advanced understanding of SEO is needed to see results.

What You Will Learn In Our Online SEO Course London

Based on his extensive industry experience, Krystian understands exactly what matters most in a successful SEO campaign. 

The course has been designed to provide bloggers, companies or individual entrepreneurs with the exact knowledge they need to rank at the top of Google.  

Depending on your experience level, this could include:

  • The basics of SEO
  • How to optimise On-page content
  • The dos and don’ts of SEO content-writing
  • Technical SEO and how to implement it 
  • A guide to link building 
  • How to use SEO tools more effectively

Different Training For Different Needs

SEO coaching isn’t about teaching a class full of people about one aspect of SEO.

It's about truly understanding the needs of an individual student and developing a training program that provides the value they need.

Book Your Course Today

If you’re looking to advance your SEO skills with our SEO training London course with Krystian Szastok, click here to book your free consultation call.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

With more and more people making purchases online, there is no better time to take an online SEO course, so you can learn how to make your content and products rank on Google.
SEO is worth learning if you want to have an online presence, the fundamentals of SEO can be taught in our online course in just a few days.

But, there is no simple answer to how long it takes to gain a complete understanding of SEO, it is a constantly evolving process that requires companies and bloggers to think like a search engine.
Our SEO expert training and SEO workshops take place online over Zoom or in person in London.

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