What Google’s Generative AI Means for SEO

On May 10th, Google announced their generative AI (SGE), which is attempting to change the way that people use the internet.

What is SGE?

SGE stands for ‘Search Generation Experience’, it is Google’s name for the evolution of their search engine using Artificial Intelligence.

Now, many supposed ‘SEO gurus’ and bloggers have begun freaking out about the changes, but we’re here to tell you why this development is something to embrace, and share some of the opportunities it may bring.

What is SGE? Generative search – how does that work?

– SGE stands for ‘Search Generation Experience’ and is Google’s name for the evolution of their search engine using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

– Google’s changes to searching may not be exactly as they claim. SGE will have a significant impact on informational (research) searches.

– Google will likely start removing AI snippets when they are not necessary.

– Adaptability is crucial in the age of AI.

Our approach & key takeaways

– We’ve used AI since ChatGTP 3 to improve the way we do research and speed up the way we analyse content.

– We believe that the commercial snippets will be more minimal than information snippets, but they offer better opportunities for ranking and improved user experience.

– AI-generated commercial product listings will be more trustworthy and increase customer trust and conversions.

– The implementation of SGE may differ from what was shown in demos, as tech projects often face backlash and undergo changes.

– The progression of AI brings opportunities for growth and success in SEO, especially for commercial products and B2B services.

– Embracing AI and adapting to change will be key.

How We Already Use Artificial Intelligence in Our SEO Agency

Much of the worry and doomsday predictions surrounding generative AI in the SEO industry is coming from people who aren’t actually experts in the industry.

We’ve made a few key realisations about how we should view AI in the SEO industry:

– The mark of an expert in any given field is adaptability.

– Those who have a limited understanding of how SEO really works are probably going to really struggle to implement AI into their SEO repertoire.

We’ve already embraced the power that AI brings to the table.

It’s revolutionised the way we write and answer FAQs, allowing us to deliver results to our clients faster and more efficiently than ever.

By viewing AI as what it really is: a productivity tool, we don’t have to concern ourselves with misplaced doomsday predictions.

How Does Google’s SGE Affect Search Engine Optimisation?

So, what is Google’s Generative AI (SGE), and what does it mean for SEO marketing?

Let’s break it down in a relaxed and sensible manner, without all of the constant doom and gloom that permeates most AI speculation online.

AI Generated Information Snippets

In Google’s presentation, they showcased the next logical step in generative AI technology – functional implementation into traditional searches.

Like all generative AI models, SGE will be using an advanced language model and the internet, to deliver a clear, easy to understand answer to search queries.

Image from Google

As seen at the bottom of the Google snippet, searchers will be able to continue their line of enquiry with the generative AI.

Or they can select from a handful of blogs and articles from the top of google’s rankings. This is quite a big deal, and it will likely change the landscape of more information based websites on Google.

What AI Generated Information Snippets Means for SEO

A lot of people in the SEO community began worrying upon viewing the presentation.

Many incorrectly assumed that this technology would mark the death of SEO as an industry, Google has made it abundantly clear that this isn’t the case:

Image from Google

Though, it is true that we can’t predict how aggressively Google will push and expand this technology over the next decade, we can say with confidence that a large portion of consumers do not trust generative AI and will want to visit actual organic sites.

Google knows this, and is definitely not foolish enough to push traditional blogs and websites out when it comes to information.

AI Generated Commercial Snippets

Google’s generative information snippets will have a big impact on a lot of traditional blogs and more informative sites, but what about commercial stores and websites?

Google has recognised that searchers don’t want a lot of ads, so the commercial query snippet section is far more minimal than the information query snippets.

We do think these commercial snippets will be useful though.

We’re happy to say, it is looking very promising. Unlike the information based searches, the commercial AI snippets offer a ton of space for ranking, and the beautiful UI really makes it pop.

Image from Google

What AI Generated Commercial Snippets Means for SEO

From the demo, it is clear that commercial searches and queries won’t be as boxed into the snippet section, and commercial browsing will likely stay fairly familiar after the update.

We see the changes made to how commercial products are displayed on Google as a welcome upgrade, that is going to get our clients products seen by more people.

AI generated commercial product listings are likely to be much more trustworthy, with Google using their AI with their existing Google shopping graph to provide a constantly updated selection of products.

Image from Google

This will increase customer trust in the commercial snippets section of Google search results and will likely lead to more conversions – not bad, Google.

Early Stages = A Lot Of Changes

‘By looking at the past, we can more accurately predict the future.’

Everyone has heard some version of this saying, but when it comes to AI, no-one seems to be following it.

It is foolish to assume that SGE will be implemented exactly as it has been shown in demos.

The tech industry, and Google in particular, have a bad habit of announcing something, receiving incredible backlash for that thing, and then minimising the actual effect of the project.

This could undoubtedly be the case with SGE, it has already completely divided the internet and AI, as a whole, is a contentious topic.

We don’t know how things are going to work out, but we imagine it won’t be exactly what was shown in the marketing demos.

Change Brings Opportunity

With the constant progression of AI, there are more opportunities for growth and success than ever.

The doomsday predictions surrounding Google’s SGE system are absolutely misplaced when it comes to SEO – especially for commercial products, which we believe are going to skyrocket from this new generative system.

We’ve already adapted to AI, and we’ll continue to do so, as long as it is helping us provide great results for our clients.

Change brings opportunity, and we’re so excited for the future of SEO.

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